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Contact information


Marcel M. Otte, M.Sc.
Obere Zeiselbergstrasse 28
73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

Telephone numbers

  • – not made public –

If you want to speak to me, write me an email, introduce yourself and explain your concern and I will answer you with my telephone numbers.

Email addresses

If you really want my attention, write me an signed email and encrypt it with one of my public keys and of course add your public-key as attachment.

Following GPG-keys and identities for my email addresses are available on keys.openpgp.org:

  • marcel.otte *AT* mmo *DOT* to
  • otte.mm -AT- gmail -DOT- com
  • qwc +AT+ mmo +DOT+ to

Instant messengers

Of course you can reach me through instant messaging and other communities aswell

  • Matrix/Element: @vikkelae:matrix.org
  • Mastodon: see icon
  • Github: see icon
  • Discord: qwc
  • Threema: 56KXMM3U
  • Signal: (mobile number required)
  • WhatsApp: (mobile number required)